Appointment Management System

IGX-HMS allows quick and easy online appointment management across all the three modules: Admin, Doctor and Pharmacist. This facilitates with instantaneous access to the consolidated list of patient appointments and admissions booked via online and offline means. The system also facilitates with functionalities to send SMS/email alerts to patients.

Doctor and Patient Reports

Hospital Management Software dashboard produces concise doctor-patient reports in a pie chart. Plus, it comes with separate modules for Doctors and Patients each displaying the respective lists when entered. The dashboard further has separate functionalities for in-patient and out-patient registration.

Bill Generation

With a very little customizing of patient information, you avail the comfort of instant Bill Generation for in-patients during discharge, as we give you the billing skeleton pre-set. Plus, the Sales Report under Pharmacist module on IGX-HMS gives you enough space to upsurge sales and efficiently manage the same.

Comprehensive Admin Module

The Admin module on IGX-HMS is structured as all-inclusive application that extends fullest access including HR management, Patient management Doctor management, IPD and OPD management. From accessing staff attendance to drawing payroll reports, instant Discharge Summary generation and appointment booking, this Admin module serves the hospital administration end-to-end.

Instant Patient Registration

The IGX-HMS allows effortless patient management system where under Pharmacist/Admin module, Patient Registration can be instantly done simply by feeding basic patient-related details. It also allows file attachment pertaining to the patient for quick referencing during emergencies

Aggregate HR Management

Seamlessly manage the assortment of hospital departments under Admin module on IGX-HMS. This expands to the complete list of Doctors, Departments and Designations while also enabling month-wise report generation of employee attendance, and facilitates with Payroll management, report generation and Advance salary tracking.

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